Louisville Second Hand Shop

We hope you will take the time to shop around and read some of our articles. The Louisville Second Hand Shop is a place to gather information about shopping at and offering flea market booths, yard sales, and auction – including eBay.

Louisville Second Hand Shop – Offers Some Surprises

In addition to the typical and expected information Louisville Second Hand Shop will also offer information about ways to use the items you find at these sales and even some ideas about things you can make to sell or buy cheap enough to sell at flea markets, etc.

Louisville Second Hand Treasures

This site will continue adding information that can help you create a successful second hand business and if you happen to shop second hand shops you will become more savvy at discovering true treasures. Of course, it’s always important to keep in mind that if something is a treasure to you – it is a treasure, regardless of its monetary value.

Explore Louisville Second Hand

Please browse some of the other links and pages on this site. The tabs at the top of the page and listings in the sidebar will guide you to some great savings and offers.

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